Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LG Broadens its Xnote A540 Line-up with 3D & 2D models

LG Xnotr A540

LG, a business conglomerate in South Korea has come up with a new laptop called as LG Xnote A540 Notebook. LG has decided to open its new line of notebook PCs Xnote A540 that comes with the ability of 3D and 2D model only. The LG Xnote A540-T / D and H-A540 have been enabled with a 3D display, while the LG Xnote A540-P leads to an AH-IPS screen. Remember, both laptops LG Xnote A540-A540 H and T / D were introduced at CES. These notebooks have been empowered to battery ensures up to 10 hours of battery life with optional long battery life. You can have the details are discussed below.

 These booklets is constructed from titanium and carbon fiber chassis so that the rigidity and light weight can be maintained. It is integrated with the "heat pipes" running through the chassis so that it can collect and disperse heat for cooling and comfort. The devices are based on Intel Centrino processor and provides a great battery life also with easy wireless connection. These notebooks are also equipped with the parameters of the IP address of a touch that stores multiple IP for comfort. 

The LG Xnote A540-T / D is a laptop that has 3D capabilities, but what we need is a passive 3D glasses. It also has the ability to track users' eyes with the help of the webcam. Whereas the LG Xnote A540-H is enabled with a 3D display without glasses worn eye-tracking technology. This laptop is meant aluminum chassis and this portable LG provides a dedicated button for it can convert 2D content to 3D. This notebook is also equipped with four speakers and a subwoofer that is supported by SRS Premium Sound 5.1 certified. 

All laptops are packed with black bezels and is constructed with a black chiclet keyboard that ensures an easy guy. There is also a quad-core Intel 2nd generation Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce graphics fit GT555M. LG has considered selling the non-3D (IPS) basic model with a price of 1.93 won, which is about $ 1,700, while the base model you need 3D glasses is priced at 1.7 million won (about $ 1,500) and is priced at 2.25 m won (about U.S. $ 2,000) for the 3D model without glasses. All XNote A540 laptop is first seen is available in South Korea and later shot in the world market.

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